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Caerphilly Escape Rooms


The Mine

There has been a Cave in and you are trapped in the mine. The only way out is to find the Dynamite and exit in an explosive manner. Of course for safety the Dynamite has been locked away. With only 60 minutes of Oxygen left, can you do it?


Caerphilly Castle

Caerphilly Castle is the true home of Welsh Royal Family. Defeated by the King of England the Welsh Royal Family have been forced into hiding and lost to history. You are the last descendants of the Royal Welsh family and know the true secret behind the leaning tower. Can you find the proof needed to reclaim the throne of Wales? You have one hour. 


The Big Cheese

Setting up home in a big cheese wheel sounds perfect for a mouse. Not in Caerphilly. You and your mouse family have now realised that your home is to be used as part of a Cheese Race. After one practice roll your cheese home is now all Topsy-Turvy. You have one hour to gather all your precious items and leave before the main event. (This is a score based collectors escape game. Ideal for all ages.)


The Witch in the Woods

You come across a lovely cottage in the Woods made of tasty candy. The lovely old lady fed you until you were full. Then things take a turn for the worse. Her intent was to fatten you up and eat you. But with some fortunate luck you managed to avoid her grasp and push her into the oven. The only problem is that you are now trapped in the cottage. How will you get out?

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